Envato privacy settings.


Hi dear community,
Decided to share my suggestion regarding the information, which any web user can get from your and my author’s page.
I think , that indicating total sales amount, as well as each item exect sales is harmful.
For example, one can easily find out how much money any author gets.First of all, we’re not so anonymous, I’m sure, many of authors has their FB, twitter, youtube, many friends, followers etc. And that’s mean any of these people can get your financial information.
Don’t you think that this is confidential information? For example, scrolling all my friends on FB, I have no idea of how much they earn, and you know why? because it is not my business, unless they wish tell me . But guess what, they can get this info just from my shared item page.
When the new author comes to AJ, what do they looking for? For the item with huge sales count.Before that he was thinking to compose some ambient electronic music, or folk, or any other genre, but after he see’s the magic sales information, he thinks " dude, i can’t earn money with ambient, corporate is way better " . And all his passion, creativity,personality is gone, because of sales indicators.

What I suggest, is to change indication and icons to something more private, for example,item sales indicator shows next :

10 sales ; <10 sales ; <50 sales; <100 sales; <1000 sales. Regarding Paws, leave the levels as is, they’re ok, but don’t show the information that the author sold for more that 10,000 bucks etc, how is this even relevant.

+1 if you agree, add some your opinions please,
if you’re not agree, please, type how much money you earn monthly, I need to know it.



I suggest you dont link to your Facebook, Twitter and so on if you want to stay anonymous and are worried about exposing your income.


not an option, i would like to share my music to the world, not the income