felt's new forum tips

I’ve been spending quite a while this week just trying to get to grips with the new forums. I feel there’s a lot to like about them, but they feel unfamiliar and they’re not exactly visually resplendent just yet.

So this thread is here with the aim of posting top tips for improving the new forum experience…

Here are mine…

Use the keyboard to navigate in a thread:

  • Home and End keys to jump to top or bottom of the thread.
  • Up and down arrows to scroll up and down
  • Page up and page down also work

Link to a user’s profile preferences page

If you want to link to any page in the user’s profile preferences page use the “my” link option. Example https://forums.envato.com/my/notifications will send you to your Notifications page.

And one more…

  • Shift+? will give you a little list of forum shortcuts. (Thanks KingDog for that one)

Is it OK if I make this a wiki post so that others can add their tips directly to your post?

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Sure thing!

Good idea, here are mine:

  • Read the FAQ to learn how to use the forum
  • Insert a link to your profile and portfolio in the “About Me” text field (In the top menu click Your Avatar > Preferences)
  • Your avatar dimensions should be around 300x300px, otherwise it will look a little blurred
  • By using tags properly all topics will be better organized and subdivided by marketplace

This forum is ok, just make a seperate forum for each marketplace and connect marketplace profiles to forum profiles, everything else is perfect.



You can do polls (which doesn’t work :smiley: ):

This forum is

- useless
- great
- a good start

Pitty the polls don’t actually work (yet) lol lol

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Yup. Just flagged @revaxarts’s post for the staff to see, in case they overlooked it. I joined onto the end of the beta testing period, and I think we all overlooked this. Oops!

Only joking. Or am I? :grinning:

Actually kind of serious, given that one of the most popular criticisms so far is that users can’t navigate around the threads easily.

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Navigate Discourse like a pro with keyboard shortcuts!

Search like a pro with these filters!

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Nice feature! :+1:

EDIT: click on the GIF for higher resolution.

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