Learned How To Get Some of The Old Forum Back Here!

Ok, been messing around with this, and apart from new Topics getting worse, (keeps asking for a draft key, whatever that is) l messed around with it, and got some of the old forum functionality back.

Ok, pretty simple just go to the first subject you frequently visit, and tab that, (l use Firefox) then drag that across to create a new tab, then click on the next subject you like to visit, then the tab you like to go to, (so for me it is Tips and Tricks, then Graphics.

That way when you turn your computer on, and come here it should be open at the subject areas you like and also at the tab, or area you specialize in, up top like the old version used to be. :smiley:

I have constantly refreshed the browser on these ones, and the niche and tab or keyword sticks, so it seems to work, and it also bypasses the annoying Do You Want to Keep Your Settings, or having to reduce the reply bar again?

Much easier to refresh a tab and see if anything is new, then go to the next browser tab and do the same thing than to go to one, click on the subject, then keyword, etc… :weary:

:sunglasses: :palm_tree: