How long until we see an "Old Forums" Greasemonkey script?



haha I wonder how long it will be before someone creates a user script to style discourse like the old forums?


I was converting the one from This Post, tried to reply on that topic but I don’t see a reply button on there?


There should be a blue reply button on the very bottom (Tip: Press the End button on your keyboard)

Anyway, I’m the one who created the post, If you have anything to say, I’ll be here :slight_smile:


@surjithctly that’s odd I don’t see the reply button on chrome or firefox for that thread, just see bookmark, share, and flag buttons.

Just was going to post a thanks for that post/script, I’ve been changing it up for GreaseMonkey. Just finishig up the badges on topic view :smile:



That’s super cooool… mann :slight_smile:


Thanks @surjithctly

I just wrapped it up, if it’s ok with you I can post it here or in your other thread( I can see reply button now) for others.

I got it to work with the below. I haven’t tried IE because I was trying to stay in a good mood.

  • Firefox / GreaseMonkey
  • Chrome / TamperMonkey
  • Safari / TamperMonkey

Thanks again


Sure. Go ahead :+1:


Thanks, I made a few other changes :wink:

Gist Here with info on installing

  • Avatars on Forum & Topic View 80x80
  • User Badges on Topic View
  • QuickLinks (mouseover avatar) Topic View
  • Username Clickable to Marketplace Portfolio
  • Recent Posts Link
  • Threads Started Link
Forum View Screen Image


Topic View Screen Image



Awesome job, now forums are usable again, thanks for this


Sure nice seeing the badges and being able to easily get to portfolios again.

EDITED: Just updated the file, seems the forum code has been changed and wasn’t displaying the quick links.