How long until we see an "Old Forums" Greasemonkey script?

haha I wonder how long it will be before someone creates a user script to style discourse like the old forums?

I was converting the one from This Post, tried to reply on that topic but I don’t see a reply button on there?

There should be a blue reply button on the very bottom (Tip: Press the End button on your keyboard)

Anyway, I’m the one who created the post, If you have anything to say, I’ll be here :slight_smile:

@surjithctly that’s odd I don’t see the reply button on chrome or firefox for that thread, just see bookmark, share, and flag buttons.

Just was going to post a thanks for that post/script, I’ve been changing it up for GreaseMonkey. Just finishig up the badges on topic view :smile:


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That’s super cooool… mann :slight_smile:

Thanks @surjithctly

I just wrapped it up, if it’s ok with you I can post it here or in your other thread( I can see reply button now) for others.

I got it to work with the below. I haven’t tried IE because I was trying to stay in a good mood.

  • Firefox / GreaseMonkey
  • Chrome / TamperMonkey
  • Safari / TamperMonkey

Thanks again

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Sure. Go ahead :+1:

Thanks, I made a few other changes :wink:

Gist Here with info on installing

  • Avatars on Forum & Topic View 80x80
  • User Badges on Topic View
  • QuickLinks (mouseover avatar) Topic View
  • Username Clickable to Marketplace Portfolio
  • Recent Posts Link
  • Threads Started Link
Forum View Screen Image


Topic View Screen Image


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Awesome job, now forums are usable again, thanks for this

Sure nice seeing the badges and being able to easily get to portfolios again.

EDITED: Just updated the file, seems the forum code has been changed and wasn’t displaying the quick links.