I changed the new forum look to old style 😎

Hello Guys,

As I told in my previous post, The Homepage looks cluttered. So, I changed the Home Page of New Forums with CSS and a Bit of jQuery. See how it looks like :smile:

You can also achieve the same results by add a bit of CSS ans jQuery.

Install : https://gist.github.com/surjithctly/74fdf9bcfed292d77096

Let me know if you want to add it as a Feature to my Better Envato Chrome Extension

TODO: Hide posts includes specific tags from Homepage
TODO: 80 x 80 Avatar on Topic Page
TODO: Show badges under Avatar (not sure :stuck_out_tongue: )




Thanks surjithctly i really want it, there are unneccesary things on the homepage which is not need and i like how you make it simple in the image and the thread topics bold and very catchy


So Clean :smiley:

It looks better. Waiting for Envato to call you :slight_smile:

I love, much prettier than the current style.

Thanks :slight_smile: @pRocrea8 @Codestar @Khothemes @LaurentiuDorin

I have updated the post, now you can copy the source :+1:


But they don’t :smiley:

Well done, @surjithctly!

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Make it works with Grease-monkey userscript and Firefox (and other browsers). Note everyone use Chrome.

That is pretty cool - great work!

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Yeah… But I don’t know how to make it for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks… I have your wanted features on TODO list :smile:

are you responsible for our brand new square avatars? :grimacing:

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<3 being square again… :smile:

Please add to your stuffs something that brings back the circular avatars, Envato changed them when I got used to them :joy: [Just kidding]

Damn it looks so good. Gonna use it! Thanks

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No!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Finally the forums is back. Awesome work @surjithctly. Now if you can add quick links to all marketplaces so we can go back to them it will be great. :clap:

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Edit: now I got your point… I actually started using new styles, so I’m not sure whether my CSS change applied Globally :stuck_out_tongue: