Envato New Old Forum

Hi people.

I’ve created small greasemonkey script to organize listing of the topics a little bit and to try to resemble good old listing.

I’ve decided to share it with you so here you go check it out


Regards. :smiley:


I thinks titles and avatars should be bigger than now.

Great! The forum looks likes tons of text now :sob:

Agreed: the author avatar should be as before. Now too much text and too much condensed

Can you make it ditch the border-radius on avatars?

Can you make it ignore certain tags? (e.g. I want to ignore “audio” tags)

OK I will make titles little bigger

Sure I can ditch them.
I think that you can already hide topics by certan tag, there was some topic about it

Nicely done!


Thank you

yes some people feel like satisfied with having everything flat graphically , as for me , and as the forum is also standing for Graphicriver, i think that’s just a disaster that icons (i mean at the small size in which they are displayed) and forums show no design

the lack of spacing is contributing to the feeling of getting lost indeed … and of having too much of a bulk of text , for sure …

It looks very good. Great work man! :slight_smile:

Great work DJMiMi :slight_smile:

Great work here!! Definitely extendable with other cool stuff.

Tried something CSS only to be more look-alike the old forums Forums css tweaks (stylebot custom style) .