Forums css tweaks (stylebot custom style)

Hey guys,

Just thought of sharing a very tiny small css tweak made for the threads display. Here’s a screenshot: (higher resolution )

Basically what i did was:

  • increased the titles font-size;
  • increased the title spacing between threads (and badges)
  • changed the even table cells background to light gray (#F4F4F4)

Here’s the Stylebot shared link and if you have Stylebot - Chrome extension installed, you can simply install it.

Just discovered the extension a few minutes ago so i have no true idea of it’s power but for the moment it really helps me to see better. Maybe i was used to the classic titles or maybe it’s the new dioptric eye problems i recently discovered i have, i don’t know, but for the moment it helps me :smile:

PS: I really enjoy the new forum’s features. My first impressions and like most of us were UI based mostly, so i’m sure things will keep getting improved.