Badges doesn't look good on Profile Popup

Badges will look great on white background. Its bad on a dark bg. So Please consider changing it for a better visibility.

Also, regarding the separation bg color and border, Can’t we keep same style as inside market?

And, Even after I’ve logged in, the top bar says “Create an Envato Account”. Can’t we move the profile details bar to the top bar?


I remember reading last week that the design team will be working on the new forums this week, so I guess we just need to hang fire a little so they can finish it all off.

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Yeah not all the design is in place yet, and we’ll be working on tweaking it after we launch :smile:

Will it be staying as-is for the most part?

I don’t know if much will be changing…since we don’t have much time till the launch. There’s a lot more I’d like to do with it, but it’s unlikely to happen before launch.

Then it should called as Public Beta :slight_smile:

May be new users have other suggestions as well…

I also see other color, alignment issues. Hope you guys already noticed those… :thumbsup:

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We’ll be running a feedback and bugs thread when we launch :slight_smile:

I fixed some minor spacing issues recently. Reload to be sure you’re seeing them.

Yeah… I see some changes :thumbsup: Thanks for that

Also, if you are on a forum post, scroll to little bottom and the title will stick to the header bar. I feel there should be equal spacing on top and bottom.

@KingDog Also I feel, there should be a back/home button that will take us back to Themeforest. Now the forum feels separated from the market…

If you could integrate the Logo Bar or just faded icons on the right side would be fine.

This will also help acquiring new users.

PS: Keep me logged in until I click logout.

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I thought something similar to be honest, although these forums are supposed to be for Studio and Tuts+ users too. But yeah, it certainly does feel very disconnected from everything else.

Agree with everything @surjithctly said.

I think having the ‘New’ and ‘Unread’ buttons at the header or above / below the thread would be better too, instead of just showing it at the index / category page. I used to navigate through the ‘latest posts’ section at the sidebar of the current forum, now I need to go back to the index to see other posts.

Also, this forum really feels ‘disconnected’ from every other Envato’s website. I hope they can be integrated at the header which is currently quite ‘useless’, only showing the logo and ‘Sign Out’ button.


@KingDog I really like how webflow forums is integrated community & forums… oh and a link to home :smile:

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Yes we really need a link to home now that the Envato Community logo wont go there. I like how Webflow integrates the home link into their Discourse hover bar as well.

Agreed, we need a link in the top left that goes back to the forum default front page. We can put an image like Webflow did.

Also, the image in the top left of the black header is very low resolution right now because it’s all I had. If I can get a hi-rez version, I’ll add it.

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Heya @natman Can you grab that for Neil?


Oh and if you can do that, please do. I’m sure a simple “house” link will work unless I hear differently :smiley:

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@KingDog @neil

I’d like to see something like this :

This way, we can go to:

  1. Any Marketplace
  2. Community Home
  3. Forum Home

(A tooltip on each icon would be great)


Please, links to each marketplace as suggested. There is a whole lot of empty space next to the “envatocommunity” logo that allows for this.

I think it very nice, but a little colorful garish.