Badges doesn't look good on Profile Popup

Badges seem too small in profile popup

I am glad that the text is more visible now, in the reply box, but slightly bigger would be nice!

And that the smileys are easy to access, no fiddling around with HTML.

But it would be good to have a link go to a new page, when l first got here, l kept clicking on a link and then deleting the page forgetting that the entire forum went with it?

And to have the Reply box as a free scrolling box, instead of a cemented box, (as it is now). Much easier to reply in the middle of my Laptop screen or up top, than down the bottom.

Hope that l have helped.


I don’t like popup badges. I agree they could be more discrete, and the popup should be visible on hover, not on click.

EDIT: Also, I can’t see my badges.