These new badges scare me, this new forum makes me confused


Just kidding! Although It’s going to take a bit of getting used to for all of us I’m sure. So many changes lately, I am going to miss my little birthday cake badge tho…hmmm


The forum makes me confused as well!


Can somebody tell me what’s on the new collector badge? A microchip with a “5 cent” label on it? Is it a mail stamp? I’m confused…


@sekler chack this you can get it from your forum profile


Thanks NestoLab. I just don’t know what’s the symbol on the badge, I can’t recognize it. :smile:


it’s ok, soon we will be familier with them also for full badges check this


Its not a good sign for little pictograms if you have to get familiar with them, they are there to make things easier where there is not a lot of space, so far I am very confused with the new ones and can’t remember that I had similar problems with the old ones! :confused:


For me it’s much easier to navigate around and enter discussions. All of a sudden I become a talkative person, which I wasn’t before :sweat_smile:


It takes me approximately 20 minutes to understand the new forum. :smiley:


I guess we will get used to them after all this was day one :slight_smile:


There are some good things which are new and great and need no adjustment and some very bad things which cannot be dealt with even with getting used, they will need to fix or change


Scare you?

aww, don’t be such a wuss !


Envato i want to tell you something.

If someone changed my Furniture that really confuses me. Just like someone used my pc and deleted some icons.
Actually New icons are all stupid. Envato Design is different and That big FLAT icons are so awful Even in Dashboards area.

So the thing is It’s actually FLAT badges are not comfortable with Current Envato design.


Latest trend, unfortunately Themewaves.

Take a look that the latest update to Norton, icons in a blank white space, and no noticeable tab to move things around.

Norton has gone from a beautiful interface, to totally crap one! Sure that l will get used to it, but will always hate it! :weary:



New badges and forums confuse me too.