Do you like


new badges design?
I was very fond to the previous set…


I also liked previous designs, especially those paw badges…


No, I don’t really like the new badges.

I really hope they bring back the old badges. They were terrific and provided great motivation. A lot of that is now gone for me. The new ones all look the same, are boring, look cheap and are jarring to look at in groups. Apparently they were revamped to better fit the design of the site. I think they look worse and would really like to see the old ones back. Please, Envato! Bring the old badges back!


Personally, I think its too drastic a change all in one go. Why not introduce things slowly, one step at a time? The forum doesn’t feel like home at the moment. :frowning:

No doubt we will get used to it in time…but maybe just in time for it to change again? Such is the modern time where everyone is trying to keep up to date and competitive. The problem is though, too much change causes confusion and disorientation.

Read the book “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler which was written as long ago as the '70s and explains the problem with too much change in society. Basically, too much change = stress!


Ironically, I’m using the new “like” feature to “like” posts of authors saying that they “don’t like” the new design… :laughing:

We’ll get used to it in time no doubt! :slight_smile:


Old is better than new.


Maybe you stop creating new threads about new badges and forum. There are dozen topics like that. Is it so important to create new one?



Sorry man, I didn’t mean to hurt you!