Bring back the old badges! [poll]


The previous designs looked great, suited the mood of the marketplace, and most importantly provided a lot of motivation for authors new and old. These new badges feel like an unnecessary addition. Why did they need to be changed? They were great the way they were. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Incoming rant:

The new badges look boring, cheap and are very jarring to look at in groups - the colour choice is very poor in my opinion. I know the motive behind the redesign was to make them better fit within the site, but I’d argue the originals suited the site far, far better. The new ones are too simple, and just look bad.

I can’t believe such a small thing makes such a big difference, but I feel there is no motivation any more to get the new badges. They just look ugly to my eye. I’d rather have no badges at all, in all honesty. Why do all the seller badges look the same now? They used to look amazing. The colours are boring, there is no detail nor value to any of the badges now. For example, the featured track and author badges I really liked and one day hoped to have, but now they look plain and undesirable just like all the others.

I’m sorry if this post sounds whiny and over-critical, but this is just my opinion. It wasn’t my intention to offend anyone here, especially Roscoe, who clearly put in a lot of effort and time into the new design. I just don’t think they work well.

Please, Envato, consider reverting back to the original badge design. They were so good, and I can’t believe I’ll never get to see that level 7 elite badge :frowning:

Want to vote?


The same thing happened the last time they changed the design :smile: We will get used to the new ones as well. But I noticed that the elite author badge is orange, isnt that should be red? It would look much cooler :smiley:


You’re right, but I don’t think the response to the previous badges was as negative as the current one. Maybe some modifications to the existing badges are in order, but I sure miss those old badges :frowning:


Create a dedicated POLL somewhere where users can vote about this, so envato can really see that 99% users here does not like new badges. Even HATE it


Where can I do that?





I agree with you.The old one were better.But, with my experience with other websites tells me that they will not undo it.But keep in mind that we are humans and we don’t really like changes.Remember the facebook timeline.


Hahaha, please - people, just stop, the same story was with the latest change related to badges, are you really don’t have anything more important to do?


I am not really crazy about then either, but l have to admit that if you do some visually appealing work, it doesn’t tend to fight for attention?

Maybe that is the reason, or someone who has the latest iphone did them?

Envato offices are full of Apple computers, so the later thought is probably accurate?



I like the new badges, you get used to with these :wink:


You can actually make a poll right in the new forums here,


  • This is a cool feature
  • This is a REALLY cool feature
  • I like cats

Some details here:


I like the new badges.


Bring back the better ones!


bad badges, back old badges!


The idea of making author badges darker at each level was very good… now there’s no difference between level 1 and level 15, except the numbers on them.
Featured author & Featured item badges look horrible.


Looks good, but it isn’t working


+1 :joy: every time when badges change, people ask to return old back


I LOVE the new badges! I other ones were too cartoony. And it was hard to tell what they were when they got small. We are professionals here. Let’s have professional badges! :sunglasses:


I wasn’t really a fan of the previous badges which were too complex in my opinion and not practical when scaled down, but after a while I got use to them. The new ones in my opinion are better, as they’re more simplified, but some could be redesigned and made to look more recognizable for what they represent.