Not sure about the new Author profile Icons....

I Think i liked the old ones better… but that’s just me.



I really, really liked the old badges. I couldn’t believe such a small idea as badges could motivate me so much. I genuinely wanted to get them all and was excited when I moved up a level etc. Now they look cheap, jarring and too simple. The seller badges are all the same awful red colour and the rest of them look too plain and boring. The motivation is all gone. I’d prefer to have no badges. I think they might even be worse than the first badges.

My opinion though, so don’t hate :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really like the new badges. But maybe it’s for the best.Now they are minimalist,which is a trend nowadays.

Featured item and author badges it was great. New for so do not motivate.

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They are working on it, hopefully by the end of the next week they’ll be better integrated.

New paws have boring design, where visual glory of elite paw? Before if i looking to elite paw with wreath, i feel goal reach to success. Yes It’s just a symbol, but it was great. Now they just have a number, and all. Other badges looks awesome.

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Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges. :wink:

Couldn’t resist.

The automatic “circle-ization” leaves a lot to be desired.

Les nouveaux sont bien !
Disons que les années passent et qu’il faut aussi passé en web 2.0 :slight_smile:

Dude’s got mad communication skills.