Other badges look acceptable...but this one...

What is this supposed to be? It looks like a computer motherboard to me :smiley: Or is this a ticket that you get from arcades and can exchange for rewards? Sadly, we will will never know :confused:


Unfortunately, I cannot see your image? However I think you are on about the collector badge? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, it’s hilarious :smiley:

I have no idea what it’s supposed to resemble. It looks like bridges or castle or StarCraft?! :slight_smile:

It’s obviously a 2 Envato dollar coin. I’ve started printing out these puppies and making counterfeit currency. Mucho dinero coming my way. :sunglasses:

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I don’t get it… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahahaa… You like it? :joy: :joy:

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Your mind must be very pure! :smiley:

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EDIT: right, now I understand! Hahaha that’s clever! :joy:

Hahaha… lol… :joy:

It’s a postage stamp. It actually spells 5c, as in five cents, not Sc. :joy:
Here’s the big one:

Come on Envato… Atleast change this badge…

what the heck is SC ?

Yep postage stamp. As it’s a rather common thing to collect it makes sense.

I thought it said SC at first as well. Stamp Collect? Nope. 5c haha.

Honestly I can’t really tell any of the badges apart anymore. They aren’t as self-explanatory as they were before. I have to hover over just about each one


It looks delicious to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps it is a new stop sign?