What are these? :)

Hey community - quick question:

I noticed I had a bunch of notifications on my forum profile and saw these star things (the 5 on top):

Never seen anything like that before. I’m a bit confused - what do they mean? :slight_smile:

When I clicked on them it took me to a non-existent page…



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Yes it’s kind of weird. Instead of sales we get these nice compliments. from who? for what?. I guess same happened to Brian Eno when he wrote the track for the Xfiles Tv serie

Discourse team and their community have been talking for a couple of days about adding new badges around liking, and the requirements of those new badges, and what they should call them. A couple of hours ago they pushed an update with those new badges to the communities that are hosted on their servers (including this one). That explains why you and a lot of users here got those notifications.

Envato didn’t want those badges here so they removed them, that’s why you go to non-existent pages when you click on the notifications.


Ahh ok, thanks Osama!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Ah by the way, someone might be interested in having a look at those badges, here you can find them (the heart-shaped ones).

Speaking of badges - why don’t the new forums show our badges below our avatars? I thought it was a pretty cool feature of the old forums, and in a way, a part of authors’ identity on Envato.

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Everything is possible with the new forums since it’s open-source software. Not sure why Envato haven’t changed a lot, maybe they like it this way? Anyway, I would rather they add links to profiles first.


Those badges are the new rewards in the class. Instead sales of course. The next rewards will come up: “Bigest search algorithm complainer” , " Quicklier AJ leaver" , " The longest time waiting Envato response" and the epic one…tadaaa… “Two months without sales”. So… congrats!!


I already have two and I have absolutely no idea how to get more of these, but now I want to collect them all! :slight_smile:

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I’d prefer sales. :smiley:

Today I see 2 notifications that I earned 2 badges?
But those links are 404 and can’t find any badge in my profile :confused:
Is this a bug?

Ah Thanks :smiley:

i have seen this two times also do not know what this is …

I Earned ‘Appreciated’ and “Thank you” kind of rewards but from who and how ?
I only see it on my notification tab, but when I click it there’s no link or info?
Just curious I guess.
Hugs bros and sisters.

hi, well u are right this looks strange indeed

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