Envato forum structure survey 2016

Hey everyone!

So we’re looking to give the forums some structural and visual improvements (yay!) and we want to make sure that the people who benefit MOST from the changes are the members of our community. That’s you!

We’d love it if you could help us out by completely a very quick (5 minute) survey and tell us a bit about yourself and why you use the forums.

Thanks for being involved and we’ll be sure to share some interesting results with the Community once we’re finished!


Done. Interesting to see what you guys are going to do! :wink:

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It would be probably the easiest way to return the old good beloved forums :smiley:


Thats great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Done, good luck with that!

Done :smiley_cat:

I’ve finished :nerd:


Here is my advice.

A post in a forum is made up of 2 important parts:

  1. The original user that is posting something
  2. The other people that are answering

Keep the first part at the top so that we know how it started.

Take into consideration a contest. When you click the topic you are scrolled to the last comment, but I want to see what is about the contest,then scroll down


Done! :slight_smile:

Done! ^…^ :innocent:

Old style was better… There were more titles on homescreen. And our titles had more possibility to be replied…
But now;
We create new titles but it s not seen and replied. Because it s not on homescreen. Forum users must load more to see our titles…
Please make more titels seen on homescreen of forum.
Homescreeen of forum must show more and more titles to be replied…


I think forum mustnt be devided in two categories. But it must be devided into envato marketplace categories.
For example, codecanyon forums, themeforest forums etc.
I see, generally audiojungle authors are here… If there was codecanyon forum, it would be good…
And this main categories must have child categories, as they have on marketplace.
For example, there is a themeforest forum, and it has wp, muse, psd sub forum categories…

I have so great ideas for envato…
Vote me for the envato team :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Done! Good luck with improvement of the forums!

As an author who is here for almost 7 years; the forum structure is hard to use even for me (let alone newComers ; I can only imagine how confused they are when they landed on the forums’ page - They only want to get some help about the marketplace and they see too many options, too many links to choose, too many confusion). Please bring the old forum structure back (with only a few style changes maybe.) - Old forums were easy to understand for new-comers too. Current structure is too confusing and that’s the main reason of fewer and fewer interactions, especially from nonAuthor members… Old Forum structure was far more encouraging for the newComers.


Dont care… Stopped using forums since it was changed into this new pile of mashed unclear sentences and buttons called “the new forums”

I used to go to forums everyday it was on the list of first things i do when i wake up… Like brushing teeth. Not anymore


^ This was what I mean.



Forums are missing consistency with the actual marketplace that author is interested in, now it’s all spammy from audiojungle and all populated with “newbish” posts from new authors. Also, its hard to find things I am interested in. In old forums authors didn’t need to search for interesting stuff it always was on top, now we actually need to go through all these I don’t even know how to call… rooftops hangouts blah blahs. Don’t do that anymore. Bye bye forums.

I do actually come in just to check the announcements and challenges, that’s it. No more actual communication with authors as they are too far away from my interest zone - Non-Videohive.

In old forums, it was pure marketplace-dedicated forum so you know everything other people are posting is important because they are VH authors, now it’s unclear. In example, if some author is saying “OMG I HATE THAT NEW SEARCH!” I am not sure what search is he talking about… VH search? ThemeForest search? All search systems are different … so then I need to check which market this author is working in… so… it’s bothersome. I hate new forums :slight_smile:

You made people click more before they see something of interest to them… The more clicking is required the less ppl will be bothered to participate in topics and discussions…


Done! :slight_smile: although some questions should’ve been multiple selection… such as Nr. 1

Might be time to run a Discourse Theming competition? :wink:

Discourse is free to install locally right? Anyone can install + make a theme?