[EnvatoCommunity] Your new forum rejected.


Unfortunately your new forum isn’t ready for Envato community and wont be loved…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Really. More than 2 weeks and I still can not like the new forum. You?


huh…it wants minimum 10 chars


Kind of like the wording. Getting used to the forum layout gradually, though


Nice try, but I’m actually getting used to it. All changes take time to accommodate. I’m sure there will be some improvements in time. No change is losing turf for sure.


I actually love the new/unread tabs. I’ll never miss a thread ever again


Still not used to it - I miss the old forums. I’m trying to force myself to use it and get used to it, hence this comment.


I’ve begun to quickly enjoy them. I agree with @dtbaker - seeing the “New” threads quickly is very convenient.

And for some of the annoyances and weirdness… I’m sure it will only get better. :slight_smile:


Yep, I like the new forums too. The only thing that needs work is the structuring and layout. I think a design like Surjithctly proposed here: I changed the new forum look to old style 😎 would be excellent as it is much cleaner and more user friendly. Also, we need marketplace links in the header! :slight_smile:


:-1: I don’t find the new features particularly useful and I think removing the individual forums was a mistake.

The idea of bringing together all of Envato in one place might have sounded good on paper, but do the audio or video guys really care what’s happening in ThemeForest or CodeCanyon? Or vice versa. I sure don’t and between the tags and the categories the whole thing is kind of a mess, in my humble opinion. I greatly preferred the format of the original forums and enjoyed the community experience more when there were distinct forums for each marketplace.

I certainly frequent the forums far less than I used to as the experience is somewhat off-putting, at least for me.

I know other people like the forums and it’s impossible to please everybody, so unfortunately for me I’m in the displeased category.


I vote for a split of the single business units like we had before. Nice try to bring all together, but the OVERKILL of colors and threads themes to different parts of Envato in one tank is not good. SPLIT THE CATEGORIES back or I promise that the authors will avoid the forum community which was THE BEST PART of it in the past.