New Forum Design (Your Help Needed)




We’ve been planning a bit of a forum refresh around here. We haven’t done much with the default look of Discourse forums since we launched so we wanted to add a fresh coat of paint.

We’d like to get things a bit more organized and less overwhelming for new users. Now I know with every new design there are things you’ll probably like and other things you may hate. Hopefully, we’ll strike a nice balance and it will grow on you :smiley:

Here’s a sneak peak of the homepage layout:

We’ll also be tweaking and improving and working on a few plugins that will integrate our forums better with Market. But we’ll keep you up to date with how things are going!

Monthly Rollup | April 2018

Looking clear!


@KingDog Don’t forget to include the Envato Studio category in new forums. BTW, new look looks great. Just missing some colors.


Nice! I like it :slight_smile:


Very nice :slight_smile:


I still have one question. What would you discuss on the Envato Studio forums? I’ve asked this before, and no one could give me an answer! :grinning:


Looks great, definitely an improvement over the current one.


What do you mean? What we discuss about Themeforest on the forums, same goes for Studio? Isn’t it?


Exactly, but the marketplaces have a tone of things to be discussed, whereas Envato Studio is a Freelance platform, and that’s where my question came from, what would you discuss on the Envato Studio thread then, that you cannot discuss now in the Envato Authors category? Envato Studio is literally so bullet proof it doesn’t really need a Forum, and from my past experience as a mod, I don’t think I saw more than 5 topics that had anything to do, dedicated, with Envato Studio.


There are many things to be discussed for Envato Studio just like for other marketplaces. So, a dedicated category would be good.

Envato studio is a service based marketplace and it requires a dedicated forum category. Why is it such a big deal?


It’s not a big deal at all, it just had no purpose, as there isn’t really much to discuss… :smile:


Again, there is a lot to discuss. Sales, client experience, traffic, dead service listings, traffic etc.


Hi @TheemWiz - thanks for the feedback! To clarify - are you talking about a subcategory in the Envato Authors area for Studio freelancers to talk shop, similar to the AudioJungle / ThemeForest areas?

I can have a chat to the Studio team, and we’ll look into it further.


Yes, a sub category or a main category. Just a separate category, to discuss about Envato Studio.


You need to make it crystal clear to new users posting in the forums that this is a community wide generic forum and not a support forum for specific items.

There seems to be a lot of confusion at the moment with loads of new threads being started about specific items and how to use them. (The poster is then normally referred back to the items author which they would have got faster support had they just contacted them directly in the first place).


Like it Thanks :sunglasses:


Maybe because this article points to a free documentation template which says:

If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the “Item Discussion” section.

and many themeforest authors use this template as a documentation.


And granted it would be one less step if customers contacted the author directly, but often they miss the support tab or are not sure how to contact the author. In that case they often come to the forums where we’re still happy to assist. Whichever way they ultimately want to contact us, we’ll try to serve them :smiley:


Good job! Nice!


look great. Much better.