Welcome to the New Forums!

Welcome to our new Envato Forums!

As you’ve no doubt noticed, a lot has changed around here. In our efforts to move all of our different communities into a central home we’ve made some big moves. And if you’re like me, change is always a little bit scary and sometimes it can be a bit hard to accept. We’re hoping you give this a chance and we’d love your help in keeping this community amazing.

It may take you a bit of poking around to figure out some of the new features of the forum. If you haven’t done so already, the forum FAQ is a good starting place. And here is our new forum terms of service.

So much of the forums can be customized to your preferences. Feel free to use the category and tag drop downs to get you to all the threads you’re most interested in.

Discourse comes packed with a lot of handy tools and they are continually improving it. And as it’s 100% open source, I’m pretty excited thinking about all the amazing things our talented community will come up with :smiley:

We’d love to hear your questions and feedback

There’s bound to be some alignment quirks and issues you may have with this initial forum launch, as well as some areas where we are limited in changing things because of the Discourse software. Please use this thread to ask questions, give your feedback and report any bugs you may find.

So get in there and have fun!


^ Our project coordinator Adrian Fittolani shortly after launching the new forums.

We will be updating this thread with any answers we can give to your questions.

Q: Where has each marketplace category gone?

A: We’re trying to make the forums extend to our other sites as well so we’re trying not to be overly marketplace exclusive. But don’t worry, you can still use the tag tool to format the forums to just the tags you’re interested in.

Q: Why is there no way to go back to the marketplaces?

Don’t worry :slight_smile: We’d still like to make changes to the header etc.


This is really awesome! :smiley: I’ve taken a look at the categories and it seems like there’s no more category for each marketplace?

Woohoo! They’re live!

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Thanks a lot Envato

Am I missing something or there’s really no quick link to an author’s profile page?


Looking great. But hardly. Thanks for the new community forum.

This is great!

Wow, Awesome!!!
Happy Birthday to Envato

Appreciate your hard work, but something tells me for a 3 year member it will take some getting used to…


This looks great! Nice job on this!

This is a BIG change.Thank you!! :gift:And Happy Birthday to Envato

My new posts blocking by akismet… :imp:



I really don’t like it. :neutral_face:
No categories for each market? This is going to flood the forums.
I don’t think I will spend my time here any more.


Wow, excellent!!!
Happy Birthday Envato!!!

Where is my old thread ? that I have posted before ?

Great! :smiley:
But pls update forum’s appearance. Its typography is not good :smile:

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