This mess of a forum categories is not going to work...


Are we able to “unfollow” certain tags? I’d like to be able to do that, otherwise these forums are beginning to be a complete waste of my time :frowning: Already there are too much topics that are of zero interest to me and they are overpowering topics I might actually wanna read and participate in.


lol really too may of them, there are very few threads at this time … try to imagine what this is going to be then in a month lol, u’ll get your hands and mailbox full of them lol i see your point by the way, the problem is that there’s no category selection , or not any efficient one … there are some god things about this new forum, but also highly misleading ones and some definitely completely not intuitive ones


Managing the categories properly and being able to find topics as easily as on the old forums is the main issue with the new ones, I think. Hopefully things will get ironed out. :slight_smile:


I know there are going to be more and more posts, but if even now is this confusing, imagine when the number of topics increase… :smile:

Just to be clear, I really like (most of the) technical aspects of forums. But this new categorization is simply messy with - imho - way more damage than the benefits.

Right now I am forced to dig through dozens of ThemeForest-related posts which I have zero interest in.
I feel like I visited forums for cooking food and they force me to read topics about knitting :smiley: Yeah, might be related, but only in rare cases… :stuck_out_tongue:


so basically that means that u are like all the other people … we all see very good things and potentially super cool new features, but the mess that they have been integrated in spoils it all … how can u enjoy anything when u get lost all the time …


u are completely right Martin, there are some great things with the new way, but the presentation and organization are a complete mess … and makes the thing almost unuseful and in the best cases, not user friendly(so unpleasant to use) …


I have to agree on this one. It looks like a mess so far, hopefully we’ll get a little bit more used to it in time.


i used rather often ever since it started but i still have much trouble to understand how it works for some things and that looks still messy and not convenient for me lol


Guess what, next Envato birthday we are going to use old forums :smiley: :joy: :cry: :sob:


Forums are OK, with the exception of categories. They are a complete mess and I have no idea how to get quickly to what I want to read or participate. There is no way to make 8 different marketplaces fit into single forum with no marketplace related categories.


This new forum is a complete mess, I do not have time to search for Videohive posts and also, i do not even find where tjey are. Since the new forum is on I did not participate anymore.


Well, let’s give it some time and see how it goes. I am pretty sure that envato is watching this and will optimise the forum.

For me the main issues so far are the missing specific marketplace categories, the missing “standard envato header” and the ability to visit authors portfolio in the user pop-up window.


Without being overly optimistic, isn’t it just a matter of filtering by the tag you’re interested in? For instance, if I want to read AJ related stuff I just go here:

Also, about the user portfolio, someone else pointed it out here:

You can define your “website” (or profile page) in the user preferences.


Saw this mess coming a mile away when they announce this type of style with tags instead of the normal forums.


This new forum is terrible. I don’t like it. I can’t be bothered with it…too much messing about to join in.


Does everybody else also sees forums like a big mess on a white background? It has no borders or any order when you first look at it. It’s very confusing and I don’t understand why it has to be this way coz there’s probably a better way to do this. It doesn’t have to be something flashy, just a normal forum…


This new forum is pretty confusing


at least i know i am not the only one feeling weird using the new forum


Maybe we could vote for the old forum to be back? What is the point of this one if nobody likes it?


Yes, this would have to be one of the worst “upgrades” I’ve seen. The best thing about this site is completely ruined unfortunately… Any interest in reading the forums is now gone and it is pretty sad actually since there were so many interesting discussions.

Please bring back the old ones… Just getting to the last post in any thread is twice as hard.