Author Profile link solved!!!



Just thought I would post this for the people who don’t know how to link your author profile to this forum. If you go to your preferences on here and go to the ‘About me’ section, you can put your author profile link there. It will then show up if someone clicks on you in the forum giving them instant access to your author profile. Hope this helps!

Thanks to @abstract_labs for pointing this out earlier!

This mess of a forum categories is not going to work...

Yep. abstract_labs is a miracle man :blush:


Haha, nice user cards, well done!


Nice tip @MarvinBlueProduction! Of course a more prominent button would be much preferred but until then your suggestion works cool enough!

EDIT: Also thanks to @abstract_labs!


thanks for the tip! would obviously be better if clicking the author name here linked directly like before (and like so many have mentioned), but good fix in the meantime. :+1:


My user card is now showing my badges!!! :boar:


I don’t want to open a new thread but I tought I should let people know that we must upload a bigger avatar for it to look good. mine is 300x300px and apparently is big enough


Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:


Thank you, my avatar is not blurred anymore!


thanks. I have a Q. Do you know optimal size for user cards? In description - “Background images will be centered and have a default width of 590px”. Size 590X175 not bad but on different browers he looks differently.


I’m using a 580x286 px image and it seems to be ok on Chrome and Edge… Note that the image height is variable, depends on how many text lines you insert in your description.

How to go to marketplaces from forum

:blush: Thank You


Thanks! Thanks alot


Ok, l will try it out on this post.

And for anyone here, who clicks on an external link, and is annoyed that it doesn’t open up a new window, do this…

Go to preferences, again and click on this one…