I am confused here :-)

Hello people,

I am wondering - is it just me or also other people see this forum as weird and messy - I mean it in peace :slight_smile:
Is available some guidline how to use this forum? I just don’t know …

Best wishes,


I used to visit the forum on daily basis, and really enjoyed it… and now, this is my 3rd or 4th visit since the new forum arrived…

So, to answer your question, I really like the new style, it’s so clean and ‘readaebbleblabli’… can’t wait to visit it again, maybe even this year… :wink:

I’m glad we could ‘talk’… seriously :smile:


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Yeah, it’s a bit clogged up now that every marketplace has been merged into one on the forums. Back in the day it was just the video people sharing some excellent and awe-inspiring posts. Now you’ve got all the other rabble moaning that the queue is longer than a couple of days, asking why their item was rejected or them pesky AudioJungle lot trying to promote all their stuff left, right and centre. You’ve gotta watch 'em.


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The easiest workaround is to create a browser bookmark for each tag, e.g.
and go directly to the subsection you’re interested in.

this is readable, many new features are great but this is still difficult to find the topics you are interested in, even when u are coming daily for a good while now …

indeed people are here to express and communicate , that they tell how they feel about this or that is pretty natural. I also tend to believe that this looks strange that u “discover” these types of threads as they are quite usual in the former version of the forums too … . Besides, nobody can complain about it … people in envato tell people to go to the forums to ask why their items are bing rejected so that’s what they do … if they had been proving reasons for hard rejections, the number of them would be very low indeed but they chose this option because there are tons of guys and items and that reviewers of not have time enough to deal with this in addition …

Sorry, I was hoping the smiley winky face would show I was joking. Maybe a joke that was ever so slightly based in a tiny bit of reality, but a jokey exaggeration nevertheless!

there’s no problem buddy, peace :wink:

Better Envato is what you need LOL :slight_smile: (esp. if you love the old forum style)

I am serious: I am confused here too. Since new version I am here third time? :slight_smile:

I prefer this to the older forums to be honest and didn’t take that long to get used to. I enjoy the way it remembers where I was last when visiting the sections, being able to like a post is nice too, I use that a lot :smile: Also enjoy bookmarking a topic I’m interested in. Private messaging can be nice too though not tried it enough but I like having that option.

Obviously, if you visit rarely it is not going to help you adapt :zipper_mouth:

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