Look at this beauty ;) ...

I miss it every day…

Aaah, nostalgia. You could actually see what was going on.

But I really really miss it. I would spend hours on the old forum and now it’s like it’s just gone…


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One of the big differences is that each thread in the old forums somehow had a strong visual identity because the avatar of the topic starter was next to it… and it was quite big. We authors spend a lot of time on creating a strong visual identity. You could actually identify continuing threads at a glance, visually without having to read the titles and so on. Looking back at the old forums now, I see straightaway how visually strong it felt.

A strong visual identity is sorely lacking from the new forums and I think that this would go a long way to making them feel comfortable and simpler. This is doubly important to a community that consists largely out of designers.

I’m also sure it can be done.

"I miss it too much
It was friendly for newMembers as it should be…
It was bautifully tied to the marketplaces with links,
and we had those beautiful links to author profiles (and those clicks were not confusing, because they were singleClicks).

We need a forum, not an EXAM"


Thanks felt!
So, where is this going? And why? I don’t expect any answer to this question… :slight_smile:

I’ve gone further and made this look to our new forums :smile:

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