New Forum is Good or Not?

Hi guys,

I appreciate the efforts of Envato for changing forum. But I feel its very cluttered and at times annoying with its scrambled design. Is it only I or you people feel the same too?

Kindly post your responses about your opinion.
Thank you for your important time :slight_smile:


First impression…A Mess!


Mess oh my god

For me the changes to be brought a little at a time not so 'drastically


In this form the forum is a absolute mess. Looks awful and lacks basic functionality, is hard to follow and use, hard to find something, hard to find topics you are interested in. Please Envato fix this.


Sorry, but only one word:


i do not really agree with saying that changing was not good as they brought greta features to the table and that some are really worth the drive, but they should have kept the former organization and bring additional features as they did , so that the forum rocks and every one enjoys the changes, instead of being criticized as it is (someway rightfully so, because not intuitive and convenient enough of people who use it). What is a really painful thing is that this far they have completely killed the Graphicriver forum and that almost no one from there is using it anymore (and that there are no related threads any longer) and thus paid a toll on GR community and the way people interact, which is a sad thing to think about, despite they had no intention at all to do and even expected the other way around, it did not bring anything efficient this far to push the community to get together


because what u don’t like is related to their intentions to bring all marketplaces together, they just failed to identify that all authors get lost this way and most importantly do not want to waste some time out of navigating into subject that they do not want or simply cannot take part in … . as for me for instead, i have no knowledge at all about music, i love it but know nothing about techniques and so on and i don’t know how i could interact with guys from there and efficiently take part in audio jungle conversations …

I love it but I think they need to create a label for each marketplace. I feel really lost among audio topics :confused:


Without customers, we are nothing - So if a forum structure is looking like an EXAM, especially for new users, then it’s obvious that it’s absolutely not good UserExperience.

Also , we need links to marketplaces immediately on top section of the forums.


yes you are right, totally agree mate +++1000 :wink:

Yes, the new forum is pretty terrible in most ways. It’s a bit faster and you can reply directly to a post but all other aspects of it are a significant downgrade from the previous forum.

The design is really awful as it makes it incredibly difficult to get a quick view of topics and what’s going on. It’s a cluttered mess. Hopeful something can be done to fix it. Most of all, I would love for them to bring back the old forum but I doubt that will happen.

As n2n44 mentioned it really affected the community. The activity on the AJ forum is less than half.


not user friendly


The new forum feels disconnected from the marketplace. I am spending less time on forums now.


Also “Request Staff Reply” option is missing yet, I think so.


I’m just surprised this new forum still doesn’t have links back to each marketplace up top… it makes the forum itself feel incredibly disconnected from the envato marketplaces… unless that was the goal.

It also makes me a bit sad remembering of all the things, some of them so simple, that users have been asking for ages, yet we get this new forum that probably no author ever asked about.

The forum itself is not very intuitive when compared to the previous one and I don’t understand why the basic marketplace subforum division had to go.


Agree with you completely :slight_smile:


It’s almost insulting that they spend so much time on a forum downgrade (just why?) that no author wished for instead of spending time on the issues authors have asked about for years… The rating system etc.


Total Disaster ! :grin:
Its more like your crush getting married to your close friend
You can’t Cry :cry: and also Smile :smile:


ye si do completely agree but they need also to make easier to understand the tag thing in my view, as the double category, for me is one of the most confusing things, this is good to add a tag if u want to deal with two marketplaces at a time or even more but for me it has to be done a different way o that this gets easier to use too


oh man! i think that are exaggerating a bit all the same, i don’t think that u would cry or the forum but if your crush does marry your friend, u may do it lol if she is stunning lol kidding

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