why not add Marketplace Categories?

seperated forums were pretty great as a few agree, it’s really messy, you see everything everyone writes…

why not add marketplace categories? and even let us pin a category as standard, so we don’t have to pick it everytime we click on the forums!.. right now you have no chance of seeing which people are from which marketplace.

I can’t even choose a category for this, which is weird.

the responsive layout and notification system is marvellous tho!


The best way to use the forums right now is to click on tags/categories you don’t like and change the status to “muted” (top right) and then those type of posts will not appear in the new/unread tabs

Très bonne idée !

we all agree that there are pretty good things indeed in these new forums but the fact of the matter is that a category for each marketplace is not an option, even by using the forums for a long while, this is always difficult to find some topics …

yea, theres really good things like notifications, muting tags and so on (even if that doesn’t work perfectly)…
but there needs to be some seperation for the different marketplaces, if not a category for every marketplace… then a seperate forum for each marketplace and able to switch between them (which will overcomplicate things tho)

we’ll see how they improve it, They’re probably workin on it already!

Not going to happen anytime soon.

Bring back the marketplace categories!!!


i tend to agree … they try to write about some sort of system a bit like this already existing in another thread, but have to do this and that , individually , so i guess that basically means that they have no plan to do anything like this anytime soon, as u mentioned

what u said is true but i personally would not expect anything like what u mentioned, as i really do not think that this system and organization is not here to stay indeed …