Will we ever get all of our old threads back from the old forum?

And is there any chance that the people who helped create this fine community over the last several years will have their voices heard by the right people?

I personally have been to all the global meetups, from San Francisco to Malaysia and beyond. I have been an active presence in the forums from the beginning. I have sat with Collis and many of the Envato senior staff and discussed their vision. So my question here is this. How in the world can we end up with a forum that is so far removed from all the goals and ideals I have been introduced to by everyone in the Envato network since it began? And why is there such resistance to the feedback and concerns being raised? We raised all of these same concerns during the Beta testing phase, and yet we see no improvements still and here we are weeks later…

I find it unbelievable that anyone would decide to simply refuse to keep all of the quality content we had in the original forums? Why in the world would anyone want to just throw it all away? I still haven’t seen a reasonable and relevant answer from the right people on this question. And I think that all the people asking deserve a real answer.

Do we really want people asking the same questions that have already been answered perfectly elsewhere in our own system? Allowing all of these new duplicate threads to be started across so many different categories (many of which people are STILL having a hard time understanding) is horribly unprofessional, not to mention a huge disservice to the network and a good reason for people to leave and not come back.

I understand that a new design and vision has been realized and we are wanting to move toward it. But that does not mean that we need to throw away everything we’ve accomplished together in the forums up to this point. It only hurts us and forces the division of those who want to retain what we had and those who refuse to listen.

We have lost countless precious resources and ways to stay connected to authors, products, guidelines, tips, etc. I hate to say it but I am starting to side with the majority of people out there who are frustrated and upset that we are not seeing any response on this stuff. How are people supposed to recreate an old thread? Or copy comments one-by-one from the old forums, which I have seen recommended more than once BY STAFF here. Seriously? I thought that community was supposed to be paramount here at Envato! Some of us worked for years on some of these resources only to see them vanish. It’s really quite sad. I never thought I’d see the day that a company as wonderful as Envato would willfully CHOSE to ruin their own community lifeblood. Such a shame.

At this point it does seem as though this was a very poor choice for the community at large. If we are all wrong in our assumptions and reactions, it sure would be great to hear from someone who can explain why and how. Because right now there is no clear communication or direction from the proper places and people within the Envato ranks. We need a way to bring clear communication, organization and dissemination back to the equation.

I know this is a pretty harsh post coming from me, of all people. And that I am usually the upbeat and positive one in the room. But this really needs to be addressed in a way that is stripped of any language that may be misconstrued and grab the attention of the people it needs to.

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I thoroughly agree with you OhmLab. Great post. It’s very sad that the old forums are now consigned to being museum pieces in an archive. There was great stuff contained there and we are poorer for having lost the ability to continue those conversations.

I think it’s the worst call Envato has made since I joined here. I feel cut off from the AJ guys in these new forums and we have lost simple key functionality while gaining new features that I find pretty useless overall. For example we used to be able to click on an author’s avatar and be taken to their profile page. Sure there are some workarounds to accomplish this but it requires action on the part of each author to link their profile. So far I’ve found one AJ author who has figured out how to do this. This was the quickest way I had to check out other authors music and get a sense of what kind of composer they were. It’s a lot harder to do that now. Why?

I try to be a positive voice in the Envato community, but I’ve just got nothing good to say about these new forums. The forums used to be the best part of AudioJungle.

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Maybe someone has a lack of humility or doesn’t want to admit to their boss that this whole new forum thing was a bad idea. I’m new to this forum (started this week) so I have no benchmark to judge it against the old forum. BUT as a completely fresh contributor and lurker, it’s a little confusing. And are there only 6 forums? No sub-forums?

EDIT: Just discovered this “tagging” system. So that is somewhat helpful.

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