Removal of old forums

Hi all!

Our developers are about to remove the old (pre-Discourse) Envato Forums, as part of their efforts to clean up legacy code. This is the final stage in our migration of the forums across to their current platform, and isn’t expected to have any direct impact on any community members as the old content has been read-only for some time now.

Active topics from the old site (defined by our SEO team as those still generating organic traffic) have now been migrated to the current forums in several batches, and 301 redirects are now in place for each of those - making sure that people searching for that missing CSS file will find their way to the current forums.

We’ve also tried to preserve some other elements from the old forums - whether that’s ensuring a continuous flow of AJ memes, uncovering what authors spend 99% of their time doing in the dashboard page, or pondering some of life’s eternal mysteries.

Next up on the horizon for our community forums are a (long-awaited) redesign of the forum landing page, and some plugins aimed at providing authors with some new tools. We’ll have more information on these over the coming months.


Looking forward to the redesign ! :slight_smile:


Me too :smiley:


Sounds good :smiley:

Sounds good - nothing like a good spring clean :smile:

Great! :smiley: can’t wait for the new forum design

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Sounds great!

Also patiently waiting for support of hi-dpi images in author and item thumbnails :blush:

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Good news, looking forward to new forum design!

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