This is how they treat authors

I’ve just had a Project that was Soft Rejected… rejected… this is unbelieavable… my last project was rejected… I went onto another… I have made a new one and they said it was soft rejected I just had to solve a few mistakes…

I had the time to make the changes they requested…

Then it was rejected…

this is really bad the way they treat us… I won’t upload any more to envato… :frowning: it’s really bad

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Has this happened to anyone?

2nd message is so rude, everyone gets rejected, it is part of the process.

I kind of understand… but after a soft Reject?

I got a soft Reject and they asked me to change some things…

I spent almost two hours changing the requested stuff… I re-Uploaded… then I receive a Hard Rejection saying that: “however upon further inspection by additional review team members, we’ve
decided that this item doesn’t meet our current quality standards of
design and execution.”…

I don’t say me that in the first place?

Several authors had the same issue in the past, I too had twice the same issue you mentioned, but that is not the end of the road, abusing here never help you in anyway, in fact it complicates the further

I just believe we shouldn’t be treated like that… we are making money for them

One of the biggest misconceptions that authors have is regarding soft-rejections. A soft-rejection does not guarantee that your item will be approved.

The fact is, until your item is approved for sale, there is always the possibility that it may be hard-rejected for any number of reasons. There are several members on the review team, and sometimes certain aspects about a project go unnoticed by the initial reviewer, that may be caught or noticed by a different reviewer upon re-reviewing a soft-rejection.

Again, as it’s been mentioned so many times in the past, please don’t take rejections so personally. As you should already know, none of the reviewers has anything against any author, nor does any reviewer take pleasure in rejecting items, nor does any reviewer “reject items for fun”.

As always, if you feel an item was wrongly rejected, or you have a question or want further clarification about why your item was rejected, we encourage any author to contact support for an explanation. Opening a thread on the forum and going on a rant about the reviewers is absolutely the worst way to handle the situation.

I also had a soft rejected item which I fixed then I received a hard reject. Thats worse than getting an instant hard reject.

Everyone experiences a rejection here and there. It’s part of the process.

It’s also what ensures the quality of products here on the Envato Marketplaces.

The thing is, don’t give up. Keep working to improve and eventually it will.

Post your projects up for opinions so others can help offer more insight.

Don’t have to share the whole thing, just glimpses, get general inputs from others. It helps!

Wishing you all the best!

Any author here had a hard rejection or a few ( like, me around 5 hard rejections ) and tons of soft rejections.

The thing is you don’t have to take it personally, reviewers have a set of guidelines to follow when looking over our items. That’s the reason this marketplace is full of top notch items!

Just go over it and give your best for the next items!
Fingers crossed!

I got at least 5 soft rejection until I got my theme approved, but this is for the good. The better the theme is more clients you will have.

For the next theme try to test it alot… if the reviewer rejected I guess it was because they found to many problems.

I think you should improve the theme(add new functionalities ) fix bugs, make the theme cross browser fix design problems and reupload.

It’s not easy until you learn how things are going and the quality required.

Hello ,
I can understand how you might be feeling as this thing also have had happened to me .
I have submitted a project but the files were not organized and it was soft rejected for that reason .
After fixing the bugs I submitted and it was Hard rejected .

At that time it was like very difficult situation for me since I too had to work for fixing the file and I too thought that its not really good what has happened but at that time if I would have stop uploading and creating new projects then I might not even have got 20 sales .

Since then it took me about several months to get to see my projects on Videohive but eventually I learned with time and still learning to create better projects than earlier and still facing acception and rejection so its like the two faces of the same coin.

Good luck for your future projects .

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I do understand everything ANd I have up to 20 project in my portfolio from 3 to 4 years of Videohive.

But you see the thing is we receive a rejection based on quality standars and a few day latter we actually see projects coming in that are the same as mine and actually worst (I have based not in my opinion but on the gathering of opinions from friends, colleagues and youtube upload)

That’s the thing I find most hard to understand is how can we read a hard rejection like “There are alot of this projects around, this isn’t good enough” but a few days later you actually see a project that can’t beat yours be accepted"

I believe that there is a lot of descrepencies in the authors reviews. one may find the project good and accept it but another won’t and maybe they should talk or make some rules or warever so that we as sellers don’t see this kind of things all the time.

I can live with “Your project is not good enough” I’ve had 5 to 6 of those in the past and I moved to another.

I just can’t live with a rejection by some standars that latter are forgotten and a project, weaker than mine, enter the market :confused:


For me its like if my project gets rejected then I see the best selling projects and try to compare my projects with them and I do find that what shall be the aspects for which the project got rejected .

Even if another project of not the very best quality (like the best sellers or good sales project) comes in the market and gets very less sales then also I don’t mind it as I don’t compare my projects with those projects .

I feel I must focus on creating better projects when they get rejected so that for the next time I upload a project it should be unique and of a good quality and not to think or compare with other projects that just enter the market without making much impact (sales) .

In short , I try to focus on myself on becoming better and don’t even think or mind other stuff which gets just in the market , this is the strategy I use and it works for me .

You must either really value your time or thing less of the 100+ hours some authors/teams spent making their projects that could even get soft-rejected for something as simple as a pop-up error for placing an asset in the wrong folder.

You should already know that if you make something in a category or style that is highly submitted you are going to get nitpick and evaluated in a higher criteria, so you either bump up the quality or make something else entirely.

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Don’t feel bad about hard rejections. I always get rejections. They rejected my two months of work just like that. Yeah it felt really bad. Bud after couple of months when i look back at my rejected item it looks really bad. You know… at the time you don’t don’t realize what is wrong or what is right. You have to understand that there is always a reason for that. After all if you continue submitting to vh you’ll start improve your items, skills. You’ll just have to be patient. Don’t give up lol

I had a similar problem. Once I got a soft reject. The visual was great, but the logo reveal was ‘too simple’.

I try two times to make it better, then I went rejected again.

Then I realize that that product should not be a logo reveal, but just a footage as it is. I reupload it, but as a motion graphics element, and not as a After Effects logo reveal.

Well, it is one of my best seller item today. In my case was just a matter of understand the why that item could not be allowed.

So now please help me understand.


By doing this I am not saying mine is better, mine was rejected on the basis that “There are to much projects like this on Videohive”… so I will post some project that came after my rejection

Here’s Mine:

For others, since I can’t post please search Paralax or Slideshow and watch the last week submissions that came after mine

I am not saying mine is better, I am just basing on the same “there are a lot like this so we can’t accept”

Unfortunately We cant do anything - you should do some improvements on the project and new projects.
I think there is a rule - we cant call approved items on forums.
you should remove the links else they will lock the thread.

thanks SOlved that

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