Rejected after soft reject Why?

Here is demo link - Live demo

I forgot to put live demo url, and reviewer told me to submit Live demo URL. So after this item was hard rejected, I can’t understand why this happened. Envato wrote me that item is low quality. Can’t undarstand.

Think of Envato like a nightclub and the reviewers are the bouncers. Your live demo URL is your footwear and the quality of the item is the contents of your pockets.

If you’re wearing trainers/sneakers and the club has a no trainers/sneakers policy, then they’re not going to check out your shoes and then frisk you for drugs/weapons before saying “change your shoes and I’ll let you in”. They’ll just say “change your shoes”. It wouldn’t be efficient for a reviewer to go through the entire check-list if there’s something that means the item will be soft rejected. And as reviewing the quality, uniqueness and usability is probably the longest part, it’s easier to go through the yes/no stuff first. Is there a help document? Yes, move to the next item, no, soft reject. Is there a live demo? Yes, move to the next item, no, soft reject etc etc.

I could be wrong, but that’s how I’d do it if I was some kind of review team squadron leader.

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Thanks for this funny reply, but I wanted to know what is problem with my item? what makes it poor quality?! I know everything what you wrote, I just want to know which things need to be improved?! I really can’t understand why is my item rejected!

I think it was soft reject first, because reviewer didn’t check your website, and now you added live demo link, he checked, and it’s hard rejected. Try to work with colors. Footer background color looks outdated and really different to your top blue colors. Also i think you can add different car, instead of 1, to improve appearance. Good luck

thanks for your reply, I think so that images and links are reason for rejection. I will change all this, but I cant understand, why envato don’t give you complete reason why was file rejected?! At this moment I am in trouble, because I think and many other developers that item is well developed, so I don’t know what to improve.

I think because they don’t have time for it. I’m not sure about your item, but if reviewer see that item suitable for market - he set soft reject and give explanations. Of course it’s would be great if they tell reasons even in hard reject, but it think they need to hire 10+ more reviewers for it.

It would be great to think more about Authors. I will update and try again, but it is also disgusting to wait about 7 Day for answer.

Design is not good enough. It is a solid effort, but it is not there yet.

Logo is poor

You shouldn’t be lazy and put different car images / description for each item

Add more colors

Again, don’t be lazy and put some images into “RECENT FROM BAZAAR” section in footer

You lack attention for details, for example in “LATEST REVIEWS” section, last item shouldn’t have bottom line (also the image in this section is distorted)

So to sum it up, don’t be lazy and do every detail perfectly.

hi buddy, as for me , your work is not bad and we can see tons of websites everywhere in the web which are not as good or not any better … now, maybe they decided that according to their standards that was not good enough. As for me , i tend to to believe that some items and elements can be embettered though … . The first thing that was said and that was true … the logo that u set as a preview is too flat and and doesn’t provide reviewers with the best idea about your design and it would be the same with potential buyers … u need to put a bit more effort into it so that it adds something to the design, that this is not only fulfilling or providing with a mere preview … . after that, the blue lines in the body of a the website are , from where i sit , not a good idea as they do not match so well with the rest of graphics and design elements. Finally, choosing the same preview image for several vignette is not a good idea either … it makes the thing look repetitive and provides with the false idea that u did not give a good care to your design, that u just did not bother choosing different ones so that your preview looks good in the end … . I know this is not what happened, but just try to think how people would feel with such a way to do and u’ll realize that this is something that is not done.

as for soft rejections and hard rejections afterwards, there are a variety of possible reasons for shifting from one to the other. First, nowadays, in most cases, this is not the same reviewers which reviews the soft rejected item when re-uploaded and if the reviewer for some reasons think that your design is not good enough to be approved or that this is not suiting quality standards, he may choose to reject … . Some might also consider that u did not yet manage to fix “the problems” that had been pointed out and may be willing to spend no additional time to review again. It is also possible , if u did not get the job done properly , when u were supposed to follow their brief and instructions that some consider your uploaded item as not different enough so that they hard reject u , as u are also normally not supposed to re-upload something without fixing the changes first …

HI Georgia

some issues i found on your site:

  1. check menu hover effects here, its same for home and contact but not for rest of the elements, also this page could be your main homepage
  2. submenu looks very poor for me
  3. pricing elements with gradiend bg is very outdated, not so good padding marging here
  4. broken profile image here
  5. you have to cut those images here, you are loading 25601600 px image for 10368 size image :smiley:
    and lot of things, almost on every page, poor logo, poor footer, padding, margings, slow loading speed for me here in Georgia

good luck irakli

@ModernGeorgia you’ve good design, but i think you get rejected because of this broken layout,