Themeforest First Soft Then Hard Reject :(

Hello, i got my first Soft Reject and reviewer said this.

"Thank you for your submission.

LIVE DEMO NOT ACCESSIBLE: A full review cannot be performed at this time - please check your live demo URL and resubmit.
When i correct the the URL And Resubmit It. Its Been Hard Rejected With in just 30 minutes.

And Most Interesting Thing i edit my tags also. But at Hard Rejection i got the email with out new changes… And at the same the The Envato Forum is also down…

Now what should i have to do ?

Demo Link : Demo

Your demo was not accessible so reviewer just wrote to give the correct link and once they checked they found it not suitable. They do check demo first and thn code if im not wrong

if url is not accessible how then can soft reject any item with out seeing that item ?

Asking for a live demo url is not soft rejection. They are asking to give correct info.

If you still think your item is good enough thn resubmit it with some changes. You can give the demo link here and community members will definitely give you suggestions

I do not understand what do You don’t understand. So what should he do…? He soft reject it because this give You information about not working URL - You fix bug and then get hard reject when he watch theme.

so i have to resubmit that… and there is one more thing with i resbmit the files again… after few time i goes to my dashboard and i saw those files are attached while i already submit all the things, and in rejection email i got my old template detail not the new one that i updated …

Here is my demo link <a href “”>My Demo

Hard Reject on 95% means that they even not watch Your files but demo. Hard Reject in 95% means that design is bad and they make this decision watching demo.

but i was not hard reject first because my template details are shown to my dashboard at Hidden Tab…

Because YOUR DEMO didn’t work. wrrr :wink: Maybe someday they will make sections and rejections like “not working demo”.

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Haha ok i will resbmit that :slight_smile: this time with correct link LOL

womans… :wink:

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I love this post and comments :smiley: :smiley:

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Haha New to Themeforest and first time got soft rejection so you know :slight_smile:

I understand, I also understand that its hard to explain a woman when she already have some other thoughts in her mind.


Good luck for future

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ha…loved your reply :joy:

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I do get such personal experience as daily dose, It’s impossible for me to convince my wife when she already have something in her mind.


i know you are experienced Author at themeforest do you think that my templates pass the review process this time or :frowning: