First Hard Reject :(

I got hard rejection on my one page template… Can any one tell me the problem

Here is the demo link Demo

Your demo is like advertise of Your product … would You buy it? … I do not think soo … also, don’t try to “fix” it. Make a new one.

@WordicaThemes You missed the point. It is not the demo page but a page with two demo options.

I think its not bad at all. The “About the XZor” and " I am amazing" section killed it. “Articles For Readings” section, on hover red box overflows in ff.

Although you cannot resubmit this one, I think you already have almost accepted design. Redesign it make it new and you will have a winner.

If you improve the design, it will be accepted. Try to redesign it or design a new one. Good Luck :slight_smile:

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The design overall not too bad… I only have one comment, the transition effect is overloaded. If possible, try to make the transition more seamless and subtle without popping too much for users.


I’m not dump man :D:D:D I told about pages.

First mistake of almost all newbie here is a number of animation… every things move :slight_smile:

Overall design not bad.

  1. Imrove Slider.
  2. Animations/transitions are currently quite heavy, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should be used all the time.
  3. Parallax Scrolling not smooth.

Good Luck.

  1. Remove animations
  2. Change the slider, doesn’t look good at all
  3. funny preloader
  4. improve some of elments

I am very sorry if that has hurt you but my intention was not to raise any question about your intelligence…

@glixentechnologies Don’t lose hope. You certainly have potential of becoming successful theme author. Keep trying.

@WordicaThemes Thanks

Thanks for your suggestions, I will try to redesign it.

@CodePassenger Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciable :slight_smile:

@janxcode Thanks for your valuable suggestions. can you please tell me about which sections are needed to be improve .

@PlayerThemes Thanks for your positive feedback. it puts bottles of blood into my hope :slight_smile: :smiley: