Hard reject agin and I don't know what should i do anymore

Hi guys.
I just received my second hard rejection in this month and I don’t know what should i do anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

My new WP plugin get hard reject and this is my second time so unfortunately i’m going to give up on myself

Can someone please help me what should i do? Is that something wrong with my account or what?

I’m done just forget about it

Maybe the demo page looks bad just a thought.

I would ask help from a proffesional designer, the code looks good enoug but your project is not commercial feels like is more for a developer and even a developer would have hard times understanding this :slight_smile:

Thanks for your review.
Well i just tried to make it simple and run it over default WP theme because the theme doesn’t matter at all in this demo. Actually we tried to gave a demo on plugin’s usage.
But on the other hand maybe you’re right I just don’t know