HArd Hard Rejected :(



My Html template again hard rejected :frowning:
Any Help guys how can i make it better or suggestions.

Here is the demo link http://glixentech.com/designs/inovative-tech/


your w3c is wrong. See link I hope help it :slight_smile: Regards.


@JeriThemes These are warnings. As per my knowledge warnings does not matter.
Anyways thanks for your suggestion. I will take care next time.


Good luck :slight_smile: Regards.


It’s just too typical. Top of page even encouraged to watch the rest…


Little things:

  • No individual blog post?

  • Only light box portfolio items would be better with full scale item page

  • Contact form does not align to details

  • Dosis fonts really do not do the design any favours and make it look cheaper and out dated

  • Not sure the colours for pricing works - better to make them distinguished by raising featured or boxing it in etc.


It’s landing page - for what blog on landing page? Do You all knows what landing page is ? Landing page should sell product, increase conversion etc. Most of “landing page” in here should be in html section, not marketing :slight_smile:


@charlie4282 Is individual blog is necessary ? Because i saw many templates approved recently. Having no individual pages. Like this current Approved Template Link


There will be some with and some without but if you are being rejected then you need to find ways to improve and better the file

The design in that example new file is much better with different variations and a very cool portfolio item load


I think you should consider to change font to some thing more easy to read able - also i found some alignment issues and empty space e.g : http://prntscr.com/atw60x the main slider is much simple you should focus on it.


Hi @scriptsbundle,

To add my 2 cents:

  • I think white letters on yellow buttons and vice versa are not too readable
  • In the Our Showcase section when you hover the mouse over a tile, the text in the button gets an underline. This effect is very strange for me. If it was a smooth effect where the line grows slowly from a point from the middle or from one side of the text to the full text width, then it would make sense. But I think it would also look better without the underline
  • I second the others about typography
  • About the blog section: you don’t have single blog templates, but you have the read more link. Did you think about the user flow here? Where should the user get to after clicking there? (I know it’s only HTML, but the more UX you put into your project the bigger chance you’ll have to get it approved)
  • In the contact form after hovering the mouse over the button the white text on the yellow button is unreadable. It could be a good idea to re-think the colors or the font weights (or both) here

Anyway, I think it’s not a bad project - but needs some things to be ironed out, then may match the expectations…