Why Rejected Again :(

I recently upload my Html Template and its Hard Reject :frowning:
Now what i have to do :frowning:


Really nice template …

Work little more on typography and fix some bugs, for example middle image in “HOW TO GET STARTED” is cutted.

In “LASTEST POST” tags - typography, padding

Try to little more show titles of sections like “OUR HAPPY CLIENTS”, “HOW TO GET STARTED” etc.

But I think that should be soft reject looking on some themes that get soft and not hard reject.

Ps. I spend maybe 40 seconds on this page, probably I will find more … test, test, test … :wink:

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thanks for your feedback. :slightly_smiling:


Good Template.

In my opinion:

Tested in Chrome.

  1. On page load/reload both loader.gif (3D-rotated !!!) and fakeloader.cubes are displayed !
    Why 3D-rotated loader.gif is here ???

  2. On page load/reload a.picker_close (Style Switcher box button with gear) displayed on empty page with fakeloader.cubes

thanks for your feedback i will test that i chrome one again.

then why is hard rejected :frowning:

We are all humans … someone click “hard reject” and thats it. Think like this … You are reviewer and get for example 500 pages every day to check , why 23st get hard reject ? …

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@charlie4282 do you says something about that. the reason or any suggestion. ?

Hello! i think you need to improve header when its scroll
also check w3 validation https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fglixentech.com%2Fdesigns%2Fthe-expert%2F

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Your design HTML is good but I think as say @ilmosys that your html v3c is wrong some html, luck regards.

Thanks @ilmosys And @JeriThemes for your valueable feedback. These are the warnings only not error.
Dose warings also matters ?

No those don’t matter only avoidable errors

  • Dead links in top nav e.g. members, mission etc are not helping as they should really go somewhere

  • The contact info and social icons in the main header do;nt really work - they don’t align to nayhting and feel lost and distracting. There would serve more use in the top bar to replace dead links

  • Crimson and esp Damion fonts degrade the design. the concept is different already but suits a more clean and understated design - it does not need quirky elements to stand out

  • http://glixentech.com/designs/the-expert/category-right.html latest posts cross type above them

It was strongly rejected because the design is very basic.

apart from the problems of functionality, validation etc.

TF to increased design standards. so if you are not a designer we recommend you get one and thus will learn more and have better security in their projects.

Speaking of his demonstration has to change 100% if you want to have better results, but if you start a new project will learn much more than trying to fix this.

Some combinations of text did not help much when it comes to reading, and the contrast is much have to have a balance to look and read better.

Try using a single font and use different weights for better hierarchy. and do not forget the white spacing

If you continue giving the pure hard work and soon it will become an author of TF

good luck

welcome @scriptsbundle