Soft Rejected WordPress Theme

Hello, I’m new to Themeforest and I uploaded a WordPress Theme, but it was “Soft Rejected” and the reason is “A fully functional demo is needed in order to proceed with a full review.” Has anyone encountered this error or knows how to fix it or what they mean by this?

Hi @wael-fsd,

Have you provided a full demo URL of your theme functionality? What is the demo URL you provided?


No, I don’t include a demo link for my theme, only images in the description. Thanks

demo URL is required to get review. you must have to provide a full functional theme demo URL to review by the envato reviewer.

What if I insert a link to a YouTube video showing my theme, instead of demo url, is it allowed or not? Thank you

No, there has to be a working demo that users can navigate around and explore features and functionality.

If you have a working version to make a video then there’s no reason not to link to it?

not allowed and you will get a hard reject because already the reviewer asked for the URL in soft rejection.

Thank you very much for your help, now I know the reason for rejection, I will try to upload the theme to hosting and include the url demo

Just for clarity - without the demo the item will not have been fully reviewed yet.

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Just to clarify even further, without live preview, the reviewer most likely haven’t checked your item at all. I really recommend you to post here some screenshots, so you can get some basic feedback from the community members. You could be wasting money on the hosting right now if the item is not up to par with the required quality level, which we should be able to tell based on screenshot.


Give me feedback about these pictures

With respect this is definitely getting rejected - there’s nothing premium that cannot be found on many many free themes plus design basics like typography need work