Live demo not accessible - soft rejection


Hey team,

I first got a soft rejection because acoording to the feedback, my demo wasn’t accessible.
In fact, the demo was online, the server worked and the link in my submission was correct.

At first, I linked to the index.html in the directory, afterwards I linked to the directory because the example below the input-field also linked to the directory only and the link was correct before. Than I got hard rejected.

So please help me to understand, why this happened?

Thanks in advance
Best regards


I contacted the reviewer a couple of days ago and I got no answer.

I think it yould be very simple, because it is just the link to the demo.

So why did I get rejected when the link was correct??


Because he watch theme and give You hard reject - he can’t do it if he did not see Your work … very simple logic.


The link worked! I asked him why the link does not work for him and I got no answer.

Like written above: Server was online, demo was online, link in submission was correct. (!!!)


Maybe he got some problems in China, India, USA or Egypt with ISP … reviewers lives on whole world and work like freelancers - remote.


Thank your for that insight.
I would like to submit this template again - because there was no bad review on the template.
Which Hoster is reliable and would you recommend - any experiences?

And is it allowed to resubmit?


Without radical changes - hard reject ? No. You even do not show You work so we do not have nothing to talk about.


I do not understand why you claim, that I do not show my work.


And I don’t understand why You writing in here … want opinion about but You do show Your work … ask fairies then :slight_smile: Hard Reject items can’t be resubmit - You for sure get auto answer with this sentence. Good Bye, I mute this topic :slight_smile:


While you may not be able to extend your help any further, please respect your fellow users. We are all part of a community and we want to treat all users in a professional and respectful manner.



@webben same thing happens to me 2 days ago . What you did now ?
My theme was soft rejected with one reason that link is not accessible . But when i update it they Hard Reject it with in 30 Mintues