Hard Reject - Live demo could not be accessed at the time of the review



Recently reviewer Reject my HTML items because of Live demo could not be accessed at the time of the review. Can I resubmit this item again?

Note: PSD version Already Approved.



Hard reject or soft reject? You mentioned it as hard rejected but wanted be sure. If it’s hard, contact Envato support first.


Hi @ki-themes
Thanks for your response. It Hard Reject and submit a ticket 9 days ago but no one answers me.



The review time is very quick, so it is better to resubmit again.


Hi @macrodreams
Any problem if I submitted my hard Reject Item Once again.



You may have problems. That’s why I suggested to wait confirmation from support team. But if you’d like to submit it directly again, just check the DNS and everything ( make sure your demo is working ) and add a note that about the previous hard reject ( reason )


I don’t think there will be a problem as your previous item is not reviewed because of demo link not available.


Support Team Confirmation now it’s under Soft Reject.




Please add link demo here because we can help you thanks.


Thanks for your reply. Rejection Reason, not items issues it Rejected because of when they review my items live demo not working. Now Reviewer changes it Hard Reject to Soft Reject.



I understand but you need live demo before submit themeforest.



I know that but unfortunately, I insert the wrong URL when submitted for review.



I think that you can create new html with live demo (submit no wrong link) but you can submit on themeforest will approved.