My item got rejected any help please !

This is my work and I am looking for any feedbacks !

You have not made any changes since last time. This is the same video. Looks like spam

Most of the authors were seeing my last topic and lift that’s why I post it again for looking for any feedbacks

Please don’t worry and simply just re-upload. If its a soft reject then reviewer will update it for you.

If its a hard rejected then you must have to upload a new version again by doing changes (as specified by reviewer) next time .

Hope it helps

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The problem I got hard reject which I can not resubmit the project due to the message that Envato sent me. Anyway thanks for replying and I will check your products @promotionking.

Most welcome…

Please don’t worry and upload again by keeping in mind all recommendations forwarded by support guy in mail and you will definitely get your item approved

Hahaha. Is it trolling? You have to be kidding. If he upload this project again (without global changes), he will be banned. Don’t misinform people, please

i said by doing changes and keeping in mind recommendations provided by reviewer he may try uploading again… (as a new product)

What did i said anything about misleading !!!


by doing changes (as mentioned by reviewer)…

I mean to say don’t upload the same product…


What about design:
In general it’s looks a lil bit boring. All scenes looks similar. Transitions look outdated. Text fade in looks strange. Your approved Event Promo looks fresher, more stylish, color gamma is more tasteful. Try to add to your item more unique design elements to impress potencial buyers. Now it’s a bit monotonous

Haha. You just updated your post

Thanks a lot @romlam for your feedback I will try to follow your tips and some changes…


Just study what other authors do. Be inspired to browse designer sites

Yeah, I will thanks anyway and I appreciate you feedback @romlam