item rejected - a weird situation

hi fellow developers,
so this a weird situation as its not my first time to upload an item and get approved. I have a very good history with submitting and selling on Envato, however, in my point of view I see no problem would end up my item with a hard reject.

i would appreciate a second look

here’s the item

any suggestions ?


In my opinion it’s quite well executed, overall is responsive and looks clean. However it might have been rejected because of a non opinionated design. Also some pages like tasks and profile look really generic and have been done tons of times in the same way. I think it lacks in personality but that it is a solid foundation for a full rework and enhancement. Care also about the color scheme. Thanks.

Thanks cssninjaStudio for your reply.

for some pages being generic and simple in design is intended, the goal here is to make them practical rather than too fancy. However, we will consider making other demos of the mentioned pages taking into consideration your points. Thanks.


The design is very simple and needs improvement to make it a quality project in terms of design.

If you have previously approved a project of similar quality in design, that means that it should have been approved because you have an extraordinary code.

Keep working and soon you will get incredible results