Css item has been rejected

Hello to everyone,

The design I made was not accepted by Envato. What’s wrong with you? Can you help me with the following links?

Thank you.

http://saltkod.com/navbar/simple-navbar.html Demo Link

http://saltkod.com/navbar/documentation.html Documentation Link

The rejection reason is clear to me. Your item is too basic and simple. The premium feeling is missing all the way.

Try to take a look at some approved items and learn how to improve this one.


But still, this was an item to css scripts right?!
So lets take a look at something… This is simple! Right!
But… probably @saltkod wouldn’t go for an high value. Probably he would request about $5 or so, and what does this would get to him?| With all the taxes… $2?
So why couldn’t this item be accepted? He lost time developing it, and also created a documentation for it? For $2 isn’t worth it? As I’ve replied on the other topic… Why not letting the customers to have their decisions, on to buy or not?
Best regards.

Design (and amount of features) matters in the CSS category. It’s more about design than code in there.

Also ThemeSLR is not a reviewer so trying to convince him otherwise won’t do anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, i know :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
I Just feel that there is something :fish: here… :\

That was my personal opinion! An an Author I think design makes your item approved on ThemeForest.

So, for me its pretty simple: Bad design = Hard Rejection :slight_smile:

P.S: There is always place for improvements, so @saltkod , as I said before, first of all compare your work with some approved items; You will see what to improve if you are a good designer.

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TRUE! :joy:

What do you think is fishy? If I was a reviewer, I also would have rejected the item in question. It does have a nice look and feel, but it’s too simple. It feels like something I can find on the net for free from stack overflow or some tutorial blog site, you know what I mean?

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Yes, i understand. I know you are right no that.
I was only showing my rage… :joy:

Best regards.

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With respect, there are freebies out there that deliver more features and better execution.

  • lacks obvious drop down examples

  • would be better if there was something to the settings, login, sign up options e.g. a form to show consistency

  • attention to detail e.g. “fixed bottom” and “form” option and then click “profile” the pointer still points upward not down. There is zero room for any error in such a simple item

  • attention to detail “simple version” different padding/margins at either end