[ThemeForest] Your item has been rejected


I am a beginner developer, I recently registered on themeforest.net as an author. Made one project and wanted to sell it, but Envato dropped my project, I received an email with the subject “[ThemeForest] Your item has been rejected”.

I couldn’t get any explanation from Envato, so I don’t know what is the reason for the refusal.

Maybe the one who is more experienced than me will tell you what’s the matter? why this project does not meet the technical requirement for quality.

I will be glad if you respond and write an objective opinion.

link of the project here

Design is too basic and needs many improvements. Typography needs the improvements too.

For example, check this screenshot. If you see on the left side contrast is not good. Text is not readable. However on the right side, contrast is better than left side. But still, it can use some improvements.

Another example; check this screenshot. There is no visual balance. Some logos are looking big as compared to the other logos.

Similarly, there are many other things that can be improved very much.

You can read this article for getting more familiar with basic principles of design. You can also Google for more information on this. Oh, and check out this Free Web Design Course 2020, you will learn many things from this course.

I hope this helps you. Good luck!

Thank you for your responsiveness, I appreciate the opinion of others, and your opinion will help me too.

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