Help! Hard Reject

Can someone help me identify the reason why it was rejected? Here’s the link
Click Here!

I know it’s not a well polished site and i need to work on a few things but I also want to know if i can still work on the same design or i need to do a fresh theme.

Hi there:
Your html is too basic for so hard rejected, regards.

Oh thanks meaning the design is so basic right? how about the coding or the flow of the whole site? actually it was intended to be a basic design cause i’m a beginner at the field and I just want to try if my coding skills is enough to pursue the career. I only made the whole theme out of scratch. So I was not that confident if the coding will pass as a professional one. Can anyone decipher if this reject reason means I also didnt pass the coding standards

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Page Craver Food Blog” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

  1. Unfortunately ‘WordPress’ has higher standards in terms of aesthetics. An approved design in other categories does not guarantee an approval under ThemeForest’s WordPress category. Your design needs significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to details.

As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

I need someone to review the site. Pls! some comments in other treads that I read , people will tell them typography aspects?

Can someone tell me if I need an improvement on those aspects too and I hope you can also give some tips.

Especially the flow of the website because I know that in terms of design aspects all you have to do is redo the css. But if your framework does work properly the good design is also compromised.

With respect you are wasting your tie with this. It is miles off the standard and now something, which can be worked on to get there. Just some issues include:

  • Design fundamentals esp. typography, hierarchy, alignment, pacing etc. all need rethinking

  • Needs far more features and functionality. Regardless of aiming for a simple site it has to offer premium value (there are lot of free themes that are better) and if you want to go for something basic and minimal then there is zero room for anything short of perfect design work

  • It feels very unfinished

  • It’s basically the same page 3 time over but to succeed needs various pages that add functional value, variations of home pages, post type examples etc.

  • Attention to detail is VERY important here e.g. scroll on about page is a mess footer widget spacing etc.

Thanks alot. I highly appreciate your comments. It’s so helpful.