hard rejected again !!!

After applying all the instructions to obtain the required quality, after a lot of effort I got hard rejected again.
Can you help me with the reasons for the refusal and how to improve the quality?

demo: https://haram.netlify.app/

Thank you

With respect these resume style sites are so over created now that they are becoming harder and harder to get approved. Beyond that:

  • Typography is very plain and lacks hierarchy

  • logo is very plain

  • blog post design is not great and it’s really frustrating when authors include blog previews with no blog post - bad UX and feels unfinished

  • it lacks anything distinctively premium or unique


Although you do have some nice effects in it, I agree with @charlie4282 that it does need some more polish, and maybe some extra content. It’s really basic at the moment. Add some features to it, blocks users can copy to give purpose to someone else’s idea not just the “as is demo”.


Thanks for your valuable opinion.
for blog post i can Fix it.
for Typography : I have read a lot with a lot of effort so can you please explain to me an example to fix it next time.
Can you rate this theme to see how far I am?
And thanks again

Don’t think like that. I can’t % you progress, but you’re making great steps to a nice item! You should think about your customers, sales and rating. The race to get the file approved doesn’t mean you’ll make sales from it.

Quality, quality, quality. Go through each element in part, see what could be done to make it better. Experiment with different font families, font weights, line heights.

Also, think of features your users may want to have.

Quality, quality, quality. The marketplaces are super saturated, and if you just pump out an item to have it in your portfolio, beside no sales, you risk some nasty ratings as well.

Don’t rush! There’s no such thing as fast success! Especially in the marketplaces.


Thanks Your opinion means a lot to me.
What do you advise me if I keep developing this theme or start another, it started 6 months ago and for the third time I get rejection of a number of themes.

You always learn from these things, and you can send a message to Envato Authors Help and Support to ask for clarifications on why your item was rejected. It all depends on you if you wish to continue mate. Personally, I like your product. It does more work, that’s for sure! Cheers! :slight_smile:

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You have helped me a lot, thank you very much :grinning:

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No worries! Good luck and stay safe during these weird times! Cheers! :slight_smile:


hi @mstheme94

I think that you themes html already have other item approved in themeforest.


hi JeriTeam thank you for your comment
Can you give me the link please


Here are a few small tips:

  1. Try to make main text a little bolder.
  2. Increase the contrast ratio for main text.
  3. Don’t use gray text on color (blue) background.
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Thanks for your feedback, I will take it into consideration :slightly_smiling_face: