my template get hard reject please help me

Please give me your opinions about why this item may be hard rejected with the message:
“we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.
I need your help just to be get improved.

any critiques are welcomed.
Thank you all

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hi @yusufsunset

you design was hard rejected because many animations and too basic (bad typography, colors, spacing, etc) you need more practice for approved. regards.


Well, I can give you a harsh feedback or I can give you a good feedback, more like advice actually:

You need years of dedicated practice to reach the required experience. So work on your skills, do some client work, maybe some projects on your own and you will get there. You are simply not ready to submit your work on ThemeForest. You won’t be ready Tomorrow, nor in a week, month, maybe not even in a year. ThemeForest is place for professionals to sell their work. Becoming a professional takes a lot of time and dedication. You can definitely become one, you just need to put work into it.

To give you at least some small constructive criticism: those animations are HORRIBLE. Please don’t use any animations at all. And get rid of lazy loading too, don’t waste people time like that.


I gladly accept this constructive criticism, Thank you so much LSVRthemes

Thank you so much JeriTeam

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