[html theme] [hard rejected][quality standards]



hi friends ,
my theme was rejected due to quality standards. i don’t know why they do that. what quality standards they want. any help
here is link of my theme.
tell me what’s the problem.


I have seen your item it’s too much similar and basic design, spacing problem typography and visual issues
overall themeforst standard quality issues are available.


I see spacing and typography problems, you should also reduce the font size.


I also see spacing and typography problems.And also you are using so many animations.You need to reduce the animations as much as possible.


thank you all
would you please describe typography and spacing issues area?
is there any possibility to resubmit this template again by fixing all these issues because i work on that template last couple of weeks so i don’t want to waste my effort like that.
thanks in advance.


i like your theme bro. Remember I’m not a technical person :slight_smile:


its really bad no reply from any user