Help with Hard Rejection. Please give HONEST feedback

Hi Guys and Gals hope all is well. We got hard rejected for a theme and would love your HONEST opinion on what you think might be wrong. We are not sensitive so please say what you think. We are new to this Themeforrest stuff and we would like to know what we should change


The quick answer: it looks very amateurish.

Bad typography, silly animations, boring color palette, chap looking logo, generic layout. There are already hundreds of coming soon templates which look better then this, even if it would somehow magically passed through review, why would anybody buy this? You need to work HARD on your skills and come with something much more original, otherwise you are just wasting time.

You have several Issues, Remember Animations does not give surety that your template will approve.

1st of all, your template is of no use means, you have just made sections, but there is no combination of sections with each other.

  1. Spacing is issue, For example, social icons in main banner, bottom margin
  2. Typography, looks very childish. Font size, Line height, you need to work on these things more and make yourself expert to create more user readability.
  3. members text which reveals, very bad.

Design is not very unique and there is nothing special…

Suggestion is check as many templates as you can of themeForest and see the difference yourself.

as @LSVRthemes saaid, its childish template, and dont waste your time train yourself regarding design first, and work more on typography spacings and readability. Animations can be used but only which look good.

you animation is bad and problem margin etc also as say @LSVRthemes and @webfulcreationsvisio, please you case they, regards.


Thanks very much for the feed back honestly this does help us .

Thanks very much for your detailed response, We havent ever done this before,and find you have to ineffect… lose, before you can win. We are told what the parameters are, but until you actually put the work out there you just can’t tell wheather your design will be accepted.

We can do better and will do better in future !

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Pictures disappeared after opening and closing the lightbox.

Also got this error message: creative.js:31 Uncaught TypeError: $(…).fitText is not a function

Using chrome with a bunch of extensions on a crappy windows-7 laptop. In particular, my script-block plugin is sometimes acting up, so I suspect it is blocking some domain without showing me.

Is it coming soon or Onepage portfolio? Typography and spacing, animation is too heavy and useless.

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Hi Codepassenger,

Many thanks for the helpful response. :slight_smile:

Hi Toern,

Many thanks for the response, trust me the next one will be lot better than this one, ( we can only go up from here) But very handy to know regarding the script.