I got a hard reject , i'm disappointed .

Good evening for everyone .
I had a hard reject for my first template , I’m so disappointed .
could you please tell me what are the mistakes I did in this template , to not do it again , I will be grateful ,
thanks for your time to read this topic

Hello Jaouadi,

Sorry for your hard rejection. I had a look at your item. I’ll try to give you some advice.

  • To be honest, design quality is poor. You need to improve in webdesign, there are lots of ressources to help you with that. Try to reproduce some designs seen on Dribbble to improve your skills and to find your own style.

  • There is also a misuse of colors and typography. You also have to choose nice images for your demo. The ones you use are quite boring.

  • Learn more about negative space and how to implement it.

  • Avoid submitting one page templates as themeforest is already full of them, and with higher quality than yours. Try to target some niches or micro niches.

  • Overall, you did some nice work, but this still not enough to fit in the themeforest standards, which have grown higher lately, because of massive submissions. Keep up working, come with an original concept, and your next item might get approved.

Hope this helps, which you luck with your next project.


Thanks cssninjaStudio for your review and reply
all what you said is right 100% , I will take your advices in my next projects .

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I will evaluate as a customer. Why I would NOT buy your theme:

  • Smooth scrolling is too slow.
  • Primarily, incomplete water features. Some elements are dynamic and some are not.

Do not give up. Hard reject does’nt mean the end.


Thanks Fancy_Themes for review . I will work hard to make something great in my next project