I got a hard reject , i’m disappointed .

hello everyone .
I had a hard reject for my first template , I’m so disappointed .
could you please tell me what are the mistakes I did in this template , to not do it again , I will be grateful ,
thanks for your time to read this topic
link to my template : http://fab-theme.bitballoon.com/

  • Concept has been done a thousand times before

  • Design feels quite outdated

  • There are numerous instances where design basics such as spacing, hierarchy and typography all need work

  • it’s broken on mobile

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thanks Charle4282. plz suggest me any html template to follow the hierarchy and how to get latest design also.
thanks in advance for your help.

It’s not really about finding one template to look at.

There are thousands of great files for sale here but the issues you have are with fundamental principals which other items can’t teach you. I.e if someone is not familiar with visual hierarchy then they are unlikely to spot why it is well executed in another item.

You can still look at other items as a benchmark for the quality and attention to detail expected.

For me, the design is very outdated. Even if you received a positive review, you would’nt have much sales anyway. See current design standards.

Above all, do not give up. Hard reject does’nt mean the end.

thanks Fancy_Themes and charle4282. I know its not end its just beginning.I try my best and rejoin this community.