Site theme hard rejected. Looking for some tips to improve


I’m newbie here in ThemeForest, this was my first try.

Here’s the demo:

The reason for rejection was: “aesthetic and technical requirements…” ( The classic )

If anyone could give me feedback I would greatly appreciate it !

Forget about this one. Familiarise yourself the standards and detail in design of current selling themes here then start over.

With all due respect you are wasting your time trying to get this approved

Thank you very much for replying,

If this isn’t asking too much, could you give me some more precise explanations?

Why do you think I’m wasting my time? Is it too simple ? Design is terrible ? Code is terrible ?

What would be these “standarts”?

I really thought the theme was okay…

And no problems, I’m open to criticism

Thank you already!

- The biggest issue is the design concept itself is a bit freebie ish rather than premium and quite outdated

  • There are quite a lot of issues with typography (font choices, line heights, hierarchy, spacing),

  • The header and footer need rethinking, the follow us are feels lost, various elements need spacing better,

  • The design needs more to it e.g. features, pages, etc.

  • You need to demo different post types, layouts, the filter does not do anything - this all makes it feel a bit unfinished

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