Need Opinions from Experienced Authors for a Hard Reject

I uploaded two month ago a new theme, but got a hard reject. After it I made a lot of changes make the theme more “standard”, but anyway today I have a hard reject again.
I understand that reviewer has a different view of how design should look for Creative category, but I think my new theme have to be soft rejected 100%, isn’t it?
I need opinions from experienced authors, should it be truly hard rejected?

And comments from the reviewer:

I am afraid this item is pretty poor and quite far from prime ready. It would undoubtedly take a considerable amount of work to get it to a point where we would consider going further with a full review. So I am afraid I will have to hard reject it on this instance.
We are only considering items that really stand-out and have been carefully crafted.

Typography is very weak for this style of design. When you are going for this minimalistic aesthetic, typography and spacing have to be much much better. This design is actually a step down compared to your existing themes.

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I tried to make a new theme, not similar to my old ones with trending design. Honestly, I am really disappointed what should I do next, should I stop or try to approve it again and again. And of course, I think the theme is good)
Do you think it’s all about typography and spacings?

For sure it’s about typography and spacing. I see the kind of frenchy (sorry about that but a lot of French designers doing this) design and I kind of like it as is. However, you already know what is wrong. Not enough diversity and the approach seems a bit brutalistic for Themeforest. I would drop this here to avoid wasting more time. Do you sell stuff on a personal website? If not, you should definitely start with this one.


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Thanks a lot!
That’s what I’m afraid of that the design is not for a themeforest. I will try to fix typography and spacings, maybe change blocks and design a little bit and upload it last time.
I don’t sell anything personally, maybe you’re right and it’s a good point to start it.